What do GAF and The Voice have in common?

I skittishly admit that I love to watch TV. The Voice is a favorite right now because it’s fun, theatrical, identifies and develops up-and-coming talent of all ages and involves home-audience participation to perpetuate the next show. It’s a formula that draws record audiences not to mention record sales on ITunes.

But, the best part for me is watching the coaches inspire and ignite a higher passion in the contestants. Even deeper, as a coach and life-long student of the craft, the show feeds my fascination with the many separate interactions that attract and connect a coach and student to inspire transformation.

Inspire transformation. That’s a lofty purpose for any coach indeed.

The coaches on The Voice mentor their charges to hone their “instruments” and become more sophisticated vocal masters whether it be pop, R&B, folk or what ever.

For me, it’s about mentoring my students to become more sophisticated physical masters of their own bodies. 

This mastery poses to be a very complex puzzle because every “body” is different every day, and I have to say, even more so after the age of 50. Oh, the bitter truth.

What does it mean to be sophisticated physical masters of our bodies?

Here’s an example. Early in the week, three students came in for a group training session. I asked how everyone was doing and all three sluggishly reported muscle stiffness and soreness. Sound familiar?

I shifted gears from my original game plan and guided them through a routine of pelvic rocking, pelvic circles, slow spine rippling and sequential, non-forceful pelvic/thoracic/cervical rotations to see if these small movements would ease their discomfort. And they did!  

All three felt better and one reported feeling lighter and freer inside her body when she went on to do her workout routine.

Every one of these students had developed these movement skills in prior lessons. We just put them together to solve an uncomfortable temporary physical problem.

Of course, unless you’re a student of mine, you’re probably scratching your head and saying, “Whaaaat?” That’s ok.  

The point is there are things you can do every day to resolve many restrictive and inhibitive physical problems to help you feel and move better.

That’s what the coaching at GAF is about . . .

  1. Teaching foundational movement and postural skills
    plus relevant massage techniques to our students to
    build the knowledge and expertise required to move
    well with less pain.
  2. Helping our students develop better body awareness to
    guide daily goal setting by tuning in to the immediate physical restrictions which inhibit pain-free movement.
  3. Showing them how to draw from their knowledge
    base and create a plan to ease their physical restrictions and pain.
  4. Guiding them as they implement their plan.
  5. Helping our students reassess and make decisions on what else to do to improve freedom of movement before heading into a workout, bike ride or next activity.

So that . . .

Every student gets more skilled at our process to understand and take care of the “body” that’s different every day. 

Day by day, with each successful experience, our students become more sophisticated masters of their bodies and skilled problem solvers.

Just like on The Voice where greatness is born, at GAFcompetency is born . . . the kind that inspires self-mastery and a new confidence that one can change the direction of down hill after 50.

Now that’s transformation! 

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