Taking a Lesson From the Kids

Babies playfully explore their fingers and toes. They bring the world to their mouths to sense themselves and the world around them. A blank slate at first, they gather and
store information with each new movement and sensation.

They repeat movements over and over until the brain allows the muscles to remember and become more capable and expert. Success takes them on to more complex actions as they delight in their own development.

Kids run around on the playground; spinning, tumbling, climbing – developing stronger neural networks and maturing. It’s spontaneous and playful, energetic and essential for continuing mental development.

But, this brain/body development isn’t just a kid thing. Brain/body development continues throughout our whole lifespan. Movement is our ticket. To capitalize on the benefit for the more mature brain, our movements should continue to be spontaneous and playful. They should be exploratory and in three dimensions to emulate the intrinsic methods of our youthful exemplars.

When was the last time you explored and experimented with the way you move? The mature intellect may usurp the effort because it requires awareness and determination to interject variety into our adult world.

It’s easy to become complacent and robotic if we don’t understand the value of doing otherwise. We may walk the same route every day or workout with the same exercise routine for years on end. Movement can become so rote that the brain doesn’t receive the proper stimulation to keep the body moving well. The truth is that the well-functioning brain and body craves variety to thrive.

So, to keep yourself in tip-top condition, make sure you think “variety.” Tune-in and make a conscious plan to move differently – get on the floor and up again just for the heck of
it, walk backwards or sideways, rotate, spin, dance. Be playful and relax with it. Move yourself in new ways. Be silly. Be goofy. It will do your body, brain and spirit a world
of good.

And, if you have trouble figuring this out, just go to the playground and watch the babies and kids move. After all, they’re the masters!

Click the image below to see how they move.

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