We’re a gentle, sensible, smarter gym.

Some members want more than the regular gym setting.

The traditional gym experience often leaves something to be desired. Lack of direction, doing the same thing over and over for years on end … Read more.

Some members had never been to a gym before.

Sometimes non-exercisers finally take the bull by the horns and decide that they really need to start an exercise program. Maybe the doc says, “Get moving!” or they just want … Read more.

Some members want a positive, like-minded community.

It’s not so easy to do this aging thing on our own. Being among peers, those who’ve experienced life the way we have, allows us to keep ourselves and our challenges in proper perspective. It’s not only about … Read more.

Some members are in rehab or medical transitions.

Being immersed in our culture of over-medication and over-diagnosis, one might start to believe that human beings are faulty systems programmed for immediate decline … Read more.