Some members want more than the regular gym setting.

The traditional gym experience often leaves something to be desired. Lack of direction, doing the same thing over and over for years on end are typical strategies. Thirty minutes on a treadmill feels tantamount to intellectual torture. Plug in and tune out because the music selection is such an embarrassment. Forget about anyone ever talking to you. And keep your eyes closed because you never know what’ll be crawling across the locker room floor.

Instruction comes at extra cost and is only available during scheduled personal training sessions. Trainers stand by on the sidelines rolling their eyes as they watch the untrained masses fumble around setting up a weight machine designed for King Kong and members of the World Wrestling Organization.

At GAF, we take pride in the care, attention and training that we give to every single member. We cultivate a team mentality where we’re not satisfied until every member is learning, changing and moving closer to their goals.

And, just as an aside; our music is great (not too loud) and our facility is spotless.