Some members are in rehab or medical transitions.

Being immersed in our culture of over-medication and over-diagnosis, one might start to believe that human beings are faulty systems programmed for immediate decline, disease and dysfunction once past the half-century mark.

At GAF, once we teach people how to use their bodies well, whether before surgery, after surgery or sans surgery, people learn to improve daily habits and mannerisms to reduce strain patterns, restore function and feel better.

And when necessary, we connect with your medical team to provide continuity of care as you transition from their hands to ours.

“Too bad I didn’t know about GAF earlier. I might have avoided lots of trouble,” we hear again and again.

Yup, it is too bad, but at GAF there’s no time like the present to learn to move well, restore function and optimize the potential of the magnificent, resilient, sophisticated machines that we truly are.