Some members had never been to a gym before.

Sometimes non-exercisers finally take the bull by the horns and decide that they really need to start an exercise program. Maybe the doc says, “Get moving!” or they just want to feel better. The gym seems like a logical place to start.

But, man oh man, “the gym” can be an intimidating place for a novice, especially if she’s one who’s a little pudgy around the middle, suffers from a bum knee and has spent most of her adult life attending to the needs of others.

Or, what about the successful, yet sedentary, science guy who harbors crushing memories of being the last one picked for the dodge-ball game in fifth grade gym class?

It takes chutzpah and loads of unsung courage to walk into a gym when it’s so far out of one’s comfort zone. No one wants to look silly, feel embarrassed or seem inept, let alone worry that the environment and the trainers might cause them harm, as they often do.

At GAF, we understand that whether talking about fitness or any other pursuit, the discomfort of “being a beginner” is short lived. With time, commitment, and proper guidance, doors open and new possibilities that one might not otherwise find are revealed. In this case, commitment leads to self-care mastery, resilience and feeling better, both emotionally and physically.