A success story that sums up what we do

“Around age 50 I began to feel that my body was simply failing me. It began gradually. A shoulder pain that took a long time to resolve. Then a knee injury that lingered, and progressed to leg weakness from protecting the knee. Mid-life was way too busy for me to work on these things, but I did try: a doctor visit, an MRI, a spate of physical therapy.

It worsened: flights of stairs were way too long. And I was embarrassed by having to go up one step at a time, while others watched and waited.

Then I began going to Greatest Age Fitness. My gait issues and weaknesses and joint aches and pains were broken down into meaningful problems, assigned piecemeal strengthening exercises, and gradually began to disappear.  It has been 3 months, and I feel that I am slowly getting my previous body back.  In the “silly walk” exercise, one day I was suddenly able to skip!  I couldn’t believe it. Shades of my youth, returning.