Our vision is for every
GAF member to move with
greater efficiency and
less pain.

We’re an educational, physical-training center that stresses correcting postural alignment and restoring proper movement habits. 

The working premise at Greatest Age Fitness is that the majority of painful musculoskeletal issues and dysfunction that we experience are a result of life-long, unskilled movement patterns and poor posture habits that we’re not particularly aware of. Our natural body is brilliant at quietly engineering compensation patterns to make up for the unintentional abuse imposed on the sophisticated structure that we were born with.

Unfortunately, over time the body’s strategy to maintain function often backfires and we end up with chronic pain and sub-optimal performance due to the long-term stress and inefficiencies imposed by the compensation patterns.

We support every GAF member to improve movement capability, increase function in the real world and enhance overall health.

Our gym is an inclusive environment that takes advantage of the power of group experiences and peer-to-peer dynamics to facilitate change.

We’ve created a place where our members develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, and, some even say, spiritually as knowledge, awareness and acumen about their human form expands and their innate movement and posture skills are reestablished and developed.