Becky Proskauer

I started training with Mo after my second child was born back in 2000. Through our work together I became strong and confident. Most importantly for me, Mo was rigorous with the nuances of good form and technique. Over the years, I’ve carried that training awareness into my active physical world which has included the likes of boot camp, kick boxing, Zumba, yoga, running, dance and swimming, to name just a few.

Several years ago, though not quite 50, I started feeling the wear and tear of my active lifestyle so I sought out Mo’s help again, this time at GAF.

I’d been a follower from afar and knew that at GAF she was helping her clients move better with more awareness and less pain. Her teachings were emphasizing restorative movement, in particular, moving well as we age. That’s a motto I want to live by . . . move well, move often.

My affiliation with GAF has kept me active, attentive and moving well. I move whenever possible, not just exercising in the traditional gym sense, but walking to book club, biking to the grocery store, etc. My current favorite activity is Indian Dance – Bhangra, or Bollywood as it’s sometimes called. The music really gets natural movement rhythms going!

At this stage of the game, Mo has invited me to act as backup trainer at GAF because of my strong training history with her and understanding of her training philosophy.

My other passions include my family and being an educator with school groups at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.