Andy Strauss


My success in overcoming 18 years of back spasms and other assorted aches and pains has convinced me that many, if not most, adults can return to being pain free into their 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Through attention to my own postural issues, ergonomic and other lifestyle adjustments, appropriate exercises, and self-massage, Mo has guided me on my own physical journey to overcome pain. With that experience, I now particularly enjoy using the fine movement modalities that helped me so much to help others restore the basic movement abilities that are often compromised with age.

Mo has been a mentor in my recent professional growth, too. I worked as an assistant coach at GAF from 2012 to 2013 after training with her for several years, then ventured back to school. After earning a degree in massage therapy from Cortiva Institute in Watertown, MA, I then went on to earn my personal trainer certification from the American Council on Exercise.

I have a consuming interest in the ways cultural and physical adaptations of modern life have negatively affected our posture and our ability to move with grace and efficiency.

As I continue my physical journey at GAF with Mo, she’s invited me to be on her support team. I’m here to fill in when duty calls.

In addition to my recent certifications, I have a BA in mathematics from Dartmouth College and a JD degree from New York University School of Law.