Every member gets expert, customized, on-going
assessment, programming and coaching to address
the challenges and goals specific to them.

We teach you how to feel better in your own body.

How we begin

  • Getting to know you
    We need to understand the differences between natural physical aging and deterioration from your own life events and lifestyle habits.
  • Your personal assessment
    We see how you move, assess your unique pain and stress patterns, get a feel for your learning style, and develop an understanding of your needs, challenges and fears.
  • Our GAF fundamentals
    We introduce you to the fundamentals of our coaching method to explain principles of correct movement and how poor posture and faulty movement patterns contribute to pain and break down.
  • Your personal program design
    We generate a training program that will address your musculoskeletal issues, alignment patterns, fitness needs and goals to get you inspired, motivated, learning, standing taller, moving better and living better.
  • Medical support
    When necessary, we’ll partner with the medical community, either through your own contacts or through our network of professionals.

Now you’re in

Once past our entry process, you come in for scheduled training sessions to work on your personal program. The session starts with soft tissue work, then some form of educational lesson in a group setting, then on to your workout sheet with the help of our coaches.

During times on your own, you may be invited to join in the “top-of-the-hour” group warmup for additional “eyes-on” training. Or, you may be invited to an impromptu educational lesson on muscle biomechanics or other topics. And, our coaches are here to offer support with your program whenever you need it. We reassess and generate an updated program for you every five to six weeks or earlier, as we
see fit.

There’s a lot of focused work going on at GAF and it really shows!