Today I have shoveled and chopped ice for more hours than I am willing to admit. What I am willing to admit is, this feat would not have been possible without the programs that GAF has put together for me over the years. In the spring the workouts address what I will be doing in the garden and this winter the exercises have made shoveling and chopping not much different than one of the workouts that GAF has designed for me.

L.S. – GAF member


Greatest Age Fitness is not a “gym,” not “physical therapy,” not an “exercise routine.”  It’s perhaps a body awareness arena, with attention to the details of movement, and the specific exercise needed for recovery.

J.P. – GAF member


There is a sophisticated, yet realistic approach to training people over 50.  I notice the results every day in how capable I feel to do the things I want and need to do in my life.

D.B. – GAF member


Mo is one of the two best teachers, at anything, in my life.

K.S. – GAF member


With the increased strengthening from learning a process of proper breathing, my diaphragm is much strengthened and my singing is greatly supported and sounds beautiful.

I.S. – GAF member


My back is strong enough now that I can visit friends and sleep in another bed without fear of waking up crippled.

E.M. – GAF member


So many people have asked me if I’ve lost weight. I haven’t and it’s really because I’m standing differently.

L.M. – GAF member


The community here is truly special. Everyone is friendly and caring. We share goals, mutual respect, challenges and gain strength from our connections.

A.L. – GAF member


The sitting posture you demonstrated last week is helping. I’ve practiced it daily and I’m noticing improvement in my SI joint/lumbar area. Thank you!

D.M. – GAF member


While walking my neighbor’s dog near Crystal lake, I stepped into a small pothole that I didn’t see. My heel twisted completely over. I stumbled into the dog almost pushing him into the lake. All I could think of was, “Oh no, I’ve sprained my ankle!” But, after recovering my balance I rolled my ankle around and felt nothing! I was fine and just thought how thankful I was we had done all that ankle work at GAF!

Thank you !

K.S. – GAF member


It would be great if more trainers learn appropriate ways to work with aging active-adults. Then the kind and quality of support, workouts, and training GAF provides would be more widely available.

S.R. – GAF member


I want to thank GAF again. You restored and strengthened me and taught me a valuable lesson at the same time. Listen to your body and do accordingly.

M.T. – GAF member


A year ago my ‘resolution’ was to change my diet and exercise on the quest to be pain free. With the guidance at GAF, your intuitive sense, and commitment to your ‘population’ of aches and pains, I can whole heartedly say my life has improved immensely. And, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

S.R. – GAF member


Three steps to a new knee: 1. surgery; 2. physical therapy; 3. join Greatest Age Fitness!

R.J. – GAF member


I left again feeling so happy to be at GAF because I’m enjoying moving my body and learning about it. I remain amazed that I’m having fun physically.

L.L. – GAF member


I turned 70 today and it’s a good time to count my blessings. No.1 Blessing . . . GAF has clearly made a significant contribution to my life physically, socially, and emotionally.  With health challenges chasing me these past nine months, I needed a place that could take what limitations I had and show me movements to keep me stronger despite the aches and pains, dizziness, and nausea.

There is no thank you big enough to let you know how much I appreciate GAF.

P.B. – GAF member


I’m actually starting to feel like less of a “rookie” these days and even led a very small group in a warm-up the other day! (It was completely accidental. I was doing the dynamic warm-up on my own and a few ladies come over and joined me – it was nice!). You’ve built a great sense of community here.

L.F. – GAF member


Thanks to GAF my body is strong and I am enjoying the things I love to do – kayaking (even carrying the kayak to and from the car and back – pain and injury free), cross-country skiing, biking, …. chores such as raking leaves and shoveling snow – without stiffness, pain, or injury. I have more energy and confidence in my abilities and a more positive outlook towards aging. The camaraderie at GAF is unbelievable! Everyone helps and supports one another. We are in this together.

L.G. – GAF member


GAF is the only gym I’ve joined that’s held my interest for more than a year or two. I guess that’s because it’s the only gym that proactively supports my fitness in all the dimensions that matter to me.

M.S. – GAF member


Even taking good care of my body, my knee was making it difficult for me to go up stairs and my back was causing me real concern. Today I was jumping on and off the step equipment and realized, a year ago, that kind of jumping was unthinkable to me. I had just assumed that it was one more thing that I would no longer be doing. I just hope that you’re planning on being in business for the next 20 years so that I can be assured that I will continue to have a body that functions well. Thank you, thank you.

J.H. – GAF member


After the lesson on shoveling, I shoveled snow for two hours with no problems and no pain. This is the first gym that I’ve looked forward to coming to.

S.L. – GAF member


I’ve belonged to gyms and worked with trainers over the years, and nothing compares with GAF’s approach. They not only train each of us weekly, but also keep their eye on us when we work out individually, offering suggestions and corrections as needed. GAF is very interested in having us learn what our bodies need and can accomplish.

J.C. – GAF member


Frustrated with knee problems and some arthritis issues, I joined Greatest Age Fitness for a trial three months, wanting to be sure I made the right decision and reluctant to spend the money. After that, I was hooked. I so appreciate the suggestions, advice and corrections that the GAF coaches are able to provide. Now my enrollment is for a year and I believe it’s worth every penny.

C.G. – GAF member


I love GAF. Each individual is unique and here we can be because our workouts are tailored to our needs and our strengths. My workout is geared to increasing mobility, balance and a thoughtful awareness of my physical self. I am developing skills I never dreamed of in a caring, careful and loving environment.

M.T. – GAF member