There will always be obstacles in our way.

Most of us are born procrastinators and can find infinite reasons to talk ourselves out of investing in our own health. “Oh, I’ll do it tomorrow.” “My spouse thinks it costs too much.” “I don’t have the time.” “I might fail.” “I’m afraid to commit.” “I can do it myself.” “Do I really trust these people?”

We’ve heard it all. But, there’s another obstacle, too.

New members at Greatest Age Fitness must take steps out of their competency comfort zones and subject themselves to “being a beginner.” Hats off to those who dare! It’s a smart and courageous move!

Once someone takes the plunge and joins GAF, though, something amazing happens almost every time because our process works. After struggling through the beginning phase and positive changes become evident, members exclaim that this is the best money that they’ve ever spent.

Remember, whether talking about fitness or any other pursuit, the discomfort of “being a beginner” is short lived if you stick with it. It opens doors and possibilities that one might not otherwise find. It leads to competence and later to expertise. Once the door is open, members not only feel better physically, but become knowledgeable about their body, and more in charge of their own health for the future.